Root Canal Treatment

Trattamento Canali Radicolari in Albania

What is root canal treatment And how we proceed at Class Dent in Albania?

Endodontic therapy, another name for root canal therapy, is a dental technique used to treat infections or damage inside the pulp chamber and root canals of teeth. In order to stop further infection, the dentist or endodontist first cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth, removes any infected or damaged pulp tissue, and then fills and plugs the area.

With this procedure, a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted is saved, its function is restored, and any pain or suffering brought on by an infection or inflammation is reduced.

Trattamento Canali Radicolari in Albania

How a Root Canal is Performed Step by Step

First, your teeth will be examined by your dentist. The degree of inflammation and tooth decay may then be determined by taking one or two X-rays. In addition, they can conduct a sensitivity test to see whether you feel pain or discomfort when sweet, cold, or hot stimuli come into contact with your biting surface.

The following step involves the dentist creating a hole in the tooth’s crown in order to remove the pulp and germs. This will make it easier for your dentist to reach the tooth’s pulp chamber and root. After that, he or she will use surgical instruments to clear the pulp chamber and root canals. To make sure no infection remains that could cause discomfort, they might also use an antiseptic or antibiotic. As of right now, your root canal is spotless and devoid of infections going forward.

Dopo che la camera della polpa è stata completamente pulita e asciutta, il dentista riempirà i canali con una sostanza simile alla gomma chiamata gutta-percha. Viene quindi riscaldato all’interno dei canali. Il dentista lo comprime per farlo adattarsi alle pareti. Il medico endodontico utilizzerà il cemento adesivo per sigillare correttamente i canali. I batteri non possono entrare in un canale che non è stato sigillato adeguatamente.

You will need to schedule an appointment with a skilled dentist to have the temporary filling in your tooth taken out within a few weeks. Your teeth will subsequently be restored to its pre-infection strength when the dentist places a permanent filling over the treated tooth. This stops more infection in addition to acting as a restorative for your damaged tooth.

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